biggest power plants
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Biggest Power Plants worldwide

Without power plants you would need to charge your phone with a solar panel… Fortunately you don’t have to! Check the Top 20 biggest power plants of the world!

biggest Solar system objects
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Biggest Solar system objects

Even though our solar system is only a small grain of sand in the universe, its objects are larger than our imagination reaches. Find out which celestial body is the largest, with our list of the top 20 largest objects in our solar system!

highest church buildings
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Highest church buildings

In the history of Christianity huge and impressive Churches have emerged over the centuries. Most of them are located in Europe, but there are exceptions. Check our interesting Ranking of the Top 20 highest church buildings in the world!

biggest ships
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Biggest Ships of all time

Everyone of you knows the Titanic, the biggest ship of its time. But where does the Titanic rank among other ocean giants? Find out in our list of the biggest ships of all time!

disease epidemics
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Deadliest Disease Pandemics

During history of mankind there were many horrible disease Pandemics, killing millions of people. The worst of them you can check in the Top 20 list of the most deadliest Disease Pandemics!