tallest Animals

The Top 20 tallest Animals

Some creatures on our planet have a really impressive size. Do you know where we humans rank among them? Find out in our list of the Top 20 tallest Animals!

longest rivers on earth

The Top 20 longest Rivers on Earth

They are essential for our life on earth and some of them spread across whole continents. But which one is the longest river on our planet? Find out in our ranking of the Top 20 longest Rivers on Earth!

fastest animals

Fastest animals

Usain Bolt was running 28 miles per hour (45 km/h) at his World record run on 100 Meters in Berlin. But that is really slow compared to the speed some animals can reach. Check our ranking of the Top 20 fastest animals on our Planet!

biggest birds

The Top 20 biggest birds

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fly like a bird? These animals can fly very high with their incredible wingspan. Check our list of the Top 20 biggest birds!