Most valuable Sports Teams

The Top 20 most valuable Sports Teams

most valuable sports teams

We all love to watch them and spend our cash in their stadiums and for their merchandise.
Check our Top 20 ranking of the most valuable sport teams. Is your favorite team among them?

Chicago Bulls
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19. Chicago Bulls (NBA) – Team Value: US$2.9 billion

Chicago Bears
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19. Chicago Bears (NFL) – Team Value: US$2.9 billion

San Francisco Giants
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18. San Francisco Giants (MLB) – Team Value: US$3 billion

FC Bayern Munich
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17. FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) – Team Value: US$3.02 billion

San Francisco 49ers
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16. San Francisco 49ers (NFL) – Team Value: US$3.05 billion

Chicago Cubs wrigley field
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14. Chicago Cubs (MLB) – Team Value: US$3.1 billion

Washington Redskins
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14. Washington Redskins (NFL) – Team Value: US$3.1 billion

Los Angeles Rams
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12. Los Angeles Rams (NFL) – Team Value: US$3.2 billion

Boston Red Sox fenway park
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12. Boston Red Sox (MLB) – Team Value: US$3.2 billion

Los Angeles Dodgers
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10. Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) – Team Value: US$3.3 billion