Highest church buildings

The Top 20 highest church buildings in the world

highest church buildings
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In the history of Christianity huge and impressive Churches have emerged over the centuries. Most of them are located in Europe, but there are exceptions.
Check our interesting Ranking of the Top 20 highest church buildings in the world!

Cathedral of Saint Mary Salisbury
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20. Cathedral of Saint Mary, Salisbury (England) – 404 ft (123.14 metres)

Salisbury Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is an Anglican cathedral in Salisbury, England. The cathedral is regarded as one of the leading examples of Early English architecture: its main body was completed in 38 years, from 1220 to 1258.

St Peter Riga
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19. St. Peter, Riga (Lativa) – 404 ft (123.25 metres)

St. Peter’s Church is a Lutheran church in Riga, the capital of Latvia, dedicated to Saint Peter. It is a parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia.

St Olaf Tallinn
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18. St. Olaf, Tallinn (Estonia) – 405.84 ft (123.7 metres)

St. Olaf’s Church or St. Olav’s Church in Tallinn, Estonia, is believed to have been built in the 12th century and to have been the centre for old Tallinn’s Scandinavian community before Denmark conquered Tallinn in 1219. Its dedication relates to King Olaf II of Norway (also known as Saint Olaf, 995–1030). The first known written records referring to the church date back to 1267, and it was extensively rebuilt during the 14th century.

Cathedral of Maringa
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17. Cathedral of Maringa, Maringá (Brasil) – 407 ft (124 metres)

Catedral Basílica Menor Nossa Senhora da Glória (or simply Catedral de Maringá Cathedral of Maringá) is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in downtown Maringá, Paraná, Brazil, reaching 124 m in height. It was completed in 1972 and is the tallest church in South America.

St Marys Church Luebeck
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16. St. Mary’s Church, Luebeck (Germany) – 410 ft (124.95 metres)

St. Mary’s Church in Lübeck (German: Marienkirche, officially St. Marien zu Lübeck) was built between 1250 and 1350. It has always been a symbol of the power and prosperity of the old Hanseatic city, and is situated at the highest point of the island that forms the old town of Lübeck. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the old Hanseatic City of Lübeck.

St Jacobi Hamburg
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15. St. Jacobi, Hamburg (Germany) – 410 ft (125.42 metres)

St. Jacobi Church is one of the five principal churches of Hamburg. In 1529, it became a Lutheran church. It is located directly in the city center, has a 125 m tall tower and features a famous organ by Arp Schnitger from 1693. It is dedicated to St James the Greater and often incorrectly referred to in English as St Jacob’s.

Basilica of San Gaudenzio Novara
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14. Basilica of San Gaudenzio, Novara (Italy) – 413 ft (126 metres)

The Basilica of San Gaudenzio is a church in Novara, Piedmont, northern Italy. It is the highest point in the city. It is dedicated to Gaudentius of Novara, first Christian bishop of the city. It was built between 1577 and 1690 following the destruction of the old Basilica, ordered by Emperor Charles V.

St Martins Church Landshut
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13. St. Martin’s Church, Landshut (Germany) – 428 ft (130.08 metres)

The Church of St. Martin in Landshut is a medieval church in the German city located in the state of Bavaria. St. Martin’s Church, along with Trausnitz Castle , are the most important landmarks and historical events of Landshut.

St Michaelis Church Hamburg
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12. St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg (Germany) – 433 ft (132.14 metres)

St. Michael’s Church, colloquially called Michel is one of Hamburg’s five Lutheran main churches and one of the most famous churches in the city. St. Michaelis is a landmark of the city and it is considered to be one of the finest Hanseatic Protestant baroque churches. The church was purposely built Protestant unlike many other Hamburg churches which were originally built by Roman Catholics and were converted to Protestantism during the Reformation.

St Peters Church Hamburg highest church buildings
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11. St. Peter’s Church, Hamburg (Germany) – 436 ft (132.20 metres)

St. Peter’s Church in Hamburg, Germany stands on the site of many former cathedrals. Built by order of Pope Leo X, it has been a Protestant cathedral since the Reformation and its congregation forms part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany.