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oldest US Presidents
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Oldest US-Presidents

George Washington was already 57 years old when he became the first President of the USA. But do you know who was the oldest US-President at the start of his presidency? Find out with our Top 20 list of the oldest Presidents of the United States.

youngest US Presidents
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Youngest US-Presidents

With Donald Trump as current head of state, the USA already have a History of 45 Presidents. But who was the youngest US-President at the start of his presidency? Find out with our Top 20 list of the youngest Presidents of the United States.

richest people in the world
Money & Power

Richest People in the World

Money, Money, Money! Some people are incredible rich and have more money than you can imagine. But who is the richest person on our planet? Find out with our Top 20 list of the richest people in the world!

Celebrities & Entertainment

Highest Paid Celebrities
Celebrities & Entertainment

Best paid Celebrities

Being famous has many advantages… One of them is earning great money. Check out who brings home the biggest paycheck in our Top 20 Highest Paid Celebrities list!

oscar Best female Supporting Actress
Celebrities & Entertainment

Oscar Winners for Best female Supporting Actress

These women delivered an outstanding performance in their supporting roles and got rewarded with an Oscar for it. Our list of the Academy Award Winners for Best female Supporting Actress in the last 20 years!

oscar Best male Supporting Actor
Celebrities & Entertainment

Oscar Winners Best male Supporting Actor

In their movies they played the side part, but at the Oscars they were the main attraction. Our list of the Academy Award Winners for Best male Supporting Actor!


most NBA points leaders

NBA Points Leaders

The NBA produced some of the biggest sport stars of all time. But who of them scored the most points in the worlds biggest basketball league? Find out with the Top 20 ranking of most NBA points leaders!

Most successful teams FIFA World Cup

Best Teams of FIFA World Cup

Every 4 years the national teams meet for the most important football/soccer tournament, the FIFA World Cup. An huge highlight for the fans and the dream of every player. Which squads did best in history, you can see in our Top 20 list of the most successful national teams of the FIFA World Cup!

Olympic Winter Games most successful nations

Most successful Nations in Olympic Winter Games

Every 4 years the worlds best athletes meet in the Olympic Winter Games and compete for their countries to win Gold, Silver and Bronze. Which countries won the most medals, you can check in our list of The Top 20 most successful Nations in Olympic Winter Games!


import countries

Biggest Import Countries

Most stuff we buy is produced in other countries. But what nation buys the most products from foreign places? Find out with our Top 20 Import Countries ranking!

smallest countries area

Smallest Countries by Area

Some of the smallest countries in the world you might never heard of, but some of them are really famous…. Check our ranking of the Top 20 smallest Countries by Area!

biggest countries population

Biggest Countries by Population

200 years ago there were less than one billion humans living on earth. Today its over 7 billion of us! What countries have the biggest population? Find out in our Top 20 biggest Countries by Population list!


best passports

Best Passports to Travel

We all love to travel, but for some its more of a hustle to get the necessary visa than it is for others. Which citizens are the most lucky ones, with the most visa free destinations, you can see in our Top 20 list of the best Passports for travel!

largest airlines world

Largest Airlines

Most of our travels start and end with them…. Airlines and their planes! But who of them carries the most people? Find out with our ranking of the Top 20 World’s largest Airlines by Passengers carried.

biggest cities world

Biggest Cities in the World

You better bring a map when visiting these cities, otherwise you  might get lost in these huge and busy places. We present you the Top 20 biggest Cities in the World!


longest rivers on earth

Longest Rivers on Earth

They are essential for our life on earth and some of them spread across whole continents. But which one is the longest river on our planet? Find out in our ranking of the Top 20 longest Rivers on Earth!

highest mountains earth

Highest Mountains on Earth

Wanna become a hardcore mountaineer? Than we got some pretty tough challenges here for you… Check the Top 20 highest mountains on earth!

fastest animals

Fastest animals

Usain Bolt was running 28 miles per hour (45 km/h) at his World record run on 100 Meters in Berlin. But that is really slow compared to the speed some animals can reach. Check our ranking of the Top 20 fastest animals on our Planet!

Science & Technology

biggest Solar system objects
Science & Technology

Biggest Solar system objects

Even though our solar system is only a small grain of sand in the universe, its objects are larger than our imagination reaches. Find out which celestial body is the largest, with our list of the top 20 largest objects in our solar system!

highest church buildings
Science & Technology

Highest church buildings

In the history of Christianity huge and impressive Churches have emerged over the centuries. Most of them are located in Europe, but there are exceptions. Check our interesting Ranking of the Top 20 highest church buildings in the world!

biggest ships
Science & Technology

Biggest Ships of all time

Everyone of you knows the Titanic, the biggest ship of its time. But where does the Titanic rank among other ocean giants? Find out in our list of the biggest ships of all time!

Food & Drink

foods vitamin b12
Food & Drink

High Vitamin B12 Foods

Vitamin B12 is essential for the metabolism of every cell of our body. But what food contains the most of it? See our list of the Top 20 foods with high vitamin B12!

largest fast food chains
Food & Drink

Largest Fast Food Chains

Its not healthy, we know… But a juicy burger from time to time is just delicious. Check the list of the Top 20 largest fast food chains!

best Wines
Food & Drink

Best Wines

You are not into beer, long drinks or cocktails and prefer the taste and joy of a good glass of wine? Then check our list of the Top 20 best wines!


highest roller coaster

Highest Roller Coasters

Are you scared of heights? Then you better avoid these rides! We present you the Top 20 highest roller coasters of the world!

Most Popular Cat Breeds

Most popular Cat Breeds

Are you a cat or a dog person? If you are for cats all the way, you will enjoy our Top 20 list of the most popular cat breeds! So cute!!!

most popular dog breeds

Most popular Dog Breeds

They are our best friends and loyal partners for life. We love dogs! But what breeds are the most popular? Find out in our list of the most popular dog breeds!

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